SFTP - Storing a local copy of your Data

EdgeAuditor contains a feature that allows clients to backup their data automatically on a nightly or weekly basis to a client's local file server. 

The system will automatically create daily folders for any reports and photos taken, convert the report to PDF, then copy the files to the remote server.

Your server will require the following:

  • 1GB of Data Space per year
  • A valid security certificate, installed and tested with proper name resolution

Please note that the FTP tool will not follow your data retention policy set in EdgeAuditor and auto-delete files. It is your responsibility to purge expired data.

To setup this feature, please initiate a support ticket with GeoAudit and include the following information:

The Hostname of the SFTP Server
Port Number
Remote Folder to use (if any)
Contact of I.T representative maintaining SFTP server
A preferred time to test


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