Operational Days - What they are & how they affect alerts

If you'd like to enable Missing Report Alerts, the EDGEauditor system must know what time your operational day has started (AM or PM).

Choose a report that is done first thing in the morning before all other reports would be completed (e.g. Snow Condition report).

Login (Desktop) > Reports > View All & Manage > Actions > Edit Report

Edit the report and check the box beside "This is the first report of the day (Often the Snow Condition report) and will start the automated missing report alerts."

Once you have updated the report, the Start of Day question will appear on the report in the EDGEauditor app for that report.

Check the circle to mark that you are open, and select your AM and/or PM Start Time. 

As soon as your start of day report is submitted for approval, your operational day will reset.

Once your Start of Operational Day settings have been created you can now start creating Missing Report Alerts.

Hint: You can add a default AM and PM start time by updating your resort's location settings (Location Settings > Locations > Edit > Default am/pm start).



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