Reports - Missing Report Alerts

The Missing Report Alerts function enables you to receive an email or text message when a report has not yet been submitted by a user within a pre-determined time from your AM or PM start of operational day time.

Note: Please ensure you have set up your Start of Operational Day settings in order to use the Missing Report Alerts functionality.


New Missing Report Alert

Login (Desktop) > Reports > Missing Report Alerts > New Report Alert

1. Enter in a name for your missing report (e.g. Missing Sweep Report)

2. Select the report you want the alert for (e.g. Sweep Report)

3. Enter the desired time from your opening that if in which the report is not submitted, that you would like to be alerted

4. Select AM or PM shift

5. Click Create Report Alert when finished

Tip: 0.25 = 15 minutes, 0.5 = 30 minutes, 0.75 = 45 minutes, 1.0 = 1 hour


Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Missing Report Alerts

When you have completed setting up a Missing Report Alert you can then subscribe to that alert.

Login (Desktop) > Reports > Missing Report Alerts

1. Click the green Subscribe button to subscribe to an alert

2. Click the red Unsubscribe button to unsubscribe from an alert

Tip: You may view, edit or delete a missing report from this page.


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