Accident Reports - Alerts

 Add New Accident Alert

Login (Desktop) > Accident Reports > Accident Alerts > New Accident Alert

1. Name your alert (e.g. Concussion Alert)

2. Choose an accident report condition field (e.g. Complaint Treatment Protocol)

3. Enter a value (e.g. Concussion)

4. You can enter in more than one condition if you want to narrow down the specifics of your alert (e.g. Location - Marked Run or Park, Ski School, Age, etc.)

5. Click Create Accident Alert when finished


Subscribe/Unsubscribe to an Accident Alert

Login (Desktop) > Accident Reports > Accident Alerts

1. Click the green Subscribe button to subscribe to an accident alert

2. Click the red Unsubscribe button to unsubscribe from an accident alert

Note: A user must have an email address listed in their profile to receive alerts via email and a mobile telephone number for texts.

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