Terrain Parks - Conducting a Terrain Park Build

Go to top of your terrain park after completion of creating your park (desktop), inventory feature categories (desktop) and entering your inventory (app).

Login (App) > Add Park Build

1. Choose the park you want to build
2. Choose either Existing or New build

New = starting from scratch and you don’t want to retain any previous build information; 
Existing = minor modification to existing build (e.g. removing one, or adding a few features)

3. Stand at on the takeoff of your first feature and click Add a Build Feature

Tip: For feature location accuracy, pause for a few seconds to allow for satellite/GPS to find your location

4. Click Capture Current Location
5. Select Snow Feature (e.g. jump) or From Inventory (e.g. rail or box)

Snow Feature (New)

  • Enter feature name, select category, size, and add any applicable notes
  • Click Add Image
  • Save 

 From Inventory

  • Select feature, size and add any applicable notes
  • Click Add Image
  • Save

Tip: Add images from all angles (bottom, sides, etc.) of your feature for 360° view

6. Repeat build steps for each feature in your park, making your way down to the bottom of the run/hill/park.

7. Tap the Back arrow on the satellite map screen and tap submit on the list of the park’s build list. The build is automatically uploaded and does not go into the Pending Reports section on the app. 


Terrain Park Build Approval

Once a build is saved and submitted, it will need to be approved in order for your Park Inspection report to be updated to the most recent build/features. 

1. Login (Desktop) > Freestyle Terrain > Terrain Park Builds
2. Review Most Recent > Status: Accepted > Submit Status

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