Terrain Parks - Adding a new Park or Special Event Park

Whether you are adding a permanent terrain park, or a temporary one for a special event, the process is the same.

Depending on how your reports and inspections are configured, there may be additional steps required.

1) Login to the EdgeAuditor Managers Dashboard:

2) Browse to Freestyle Terrain -> Terrain Parks

3) Click on New Park at the top right, when prompted, draw the outline of your terrain park on the map and provide a name.

4) If you wish to connect your website to the terrain park data and share what is in the park and the location of each feature, check the 'Allow your website to access Park Feature Locations?' button.

5) If the terrain park belongs to a particular area of the resort, you may select it from the 'Areas' drop down.

6) Save your new park. You may now log-in to your mobile EdgeAuditor APP on your phone or tablet to conduct a park build.

If after conducting your park build you do not see the terrain park listed for inspections, please contact your account administrator or to assist.

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