Signage - How to Add and View


In order to add signage, you must have the mobile permission enabled. If you do not see the ADD SIGNAGE button, please contact your administrator or

To add your resort's signage (e.g. Ski Area Boundary, Closed, Trail Maps/Difficulty, etc.), you can do so through the EDGEauditor app while connected to WiFi or 3G/LTE. 

Login (App) > Add Signage

  1. Pause a few seconds to allow for satellite accuracy, stand at the base of the sign.
  2. To see previous signage, press 'Previous Signs' in the top right.
  3. Tap Capture Current Location
  4. Take a photo of your sign
  5. Tap Use Photo (or Retake)
  6. Enter Sign Name
  7. Select Sign Category
  8. Enter in Comments (optional)
  9. Tap Save when finished

When you have finished capturing your signs, tap Back on the map page. You will need to go into Pending Reports to submit your signage.

Signage is automatically approved and will be in your Signage & Points list & map on the manager's dashboard ( immediately after upload (Objects > Signs).

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