Terrain Parks - Managing your Feature Inventory

The terrain park feature inventory is designed to make it easy to do terrain park builds and reporting.

Features can be of two types:

Snow Features: Added at the time of park build on the APP.

Physical Features: Steel/Man Made objects such as rails, boxes, wall rides etc.

Your feature inventory of boxes/rails and all features that are not made out of snow must be added before conducting your first park build. If another feature is added or purchased during the season, it must be added to the inventory before being added to a build.

How to Add a Feature

Tip: If you would like to have photos of your features not installed in the snow to capture their complete design, we suggest adding your inventory using your tablet or phone. By using your tablet or phone, it is easy to add the feature and capture the photo in one step. If you have a large list or do not wish to upload photos, you may add features into inventory using the manager's dashboard on a desktop computer.

Phone or Tablet: Login to the EdgeAuditor APP -> Add Park Feature

1. Click Add Image to take photos of your feature

Tip: Take photos of your feature by itself on the grass or floor, and from at least two different angles for best documentation.

2. Enter your park feature name

Tip: Use unique numbering for your inventory (e.g. R1-16’ Rail, R2-16’ Rail, R3-12’ Rail, etc.). Paint these numbers on each feature to help Ski Patrol link reports to the features.

Tip: Name your feature in the app the same as what the feature is physically labelled as.

3. Select a category for your feature inventory in (e.g. Rail, Box, etc.). If you would like to add a new feature category, please see the 'Terrain Parks - Managing Feature Categories' article.

4. Add any notes about your feature you may have (optional)

5. Tap Save when finished. Proceed to the new feature until complete

6. When you are ready to upload your features to EDGEauditor, ensure you are connected to WiFi or 3G/LTE and tap the Submit button


Adding, Editing or Deleting Features via your Computer

Features cannot be deleted or edited on your tablet or phone, only by computer.

Desktop Computer: Login to the Managers Dashboard (

You can view, edit or delete your inventory by logging into the Desktop.

1. Browse to Freestyle Terrain > Terrain Park Inventory

2. If you wish to add a feature, click Add New. To delete or Edit, select the edit or delete icon next to the existing feature in the list.

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